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Professional Athletes

We provide a compete specialist solution for Professional Athletes across our range of insurance products and services - so whether you're a Footballer or Cyclist, in Motorsport or Boxing, or even a Professional Esports Gamer, we have the ability and knowledge to protect all of your interests, including yourself as the Professional asset.

Just some of the Insurance covers available to you:

  • Career Ending Personal Accident Insurance

  • Influencer Insurances

  • Mid-High Net Worth Insurances

  • Private Client Home & Motor Insurances

  • Property Owners / Landlord Insurances

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Death & Disgrace Insurance

  • Business Portfolio Insurances

We make sure to build an appropriate insurance programme around your bespoke needs, becoming your trusted insurance advisor for both commercial and personal exposures, ensuring to maintain the strictest of confidence throughout our servicing.

For more information and to speak with one of our VIP insurance specialists, please contact us.


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