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Creators & Influencers

We provide specialist insurance services, products and risk management advice for social influencers, digital entrepreneurs, app developers, streamers and their management teams. Supporting daily a broad range of online content creators working across the likes of Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other well known digital platforms.

Just some of the Insurance covers available to you:

  • Influencer & Content Creator Insurance

  • Commercial Combined Insurance

  • Private Clients Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Intellectual Property Infringement Insurance

  • Public/Product Liability Insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Event Cancellation & Non appearance Insurance

  • Production & Freelancer Insurance

  • Personal Accident Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Management Liability Insurance

  • Motor Insurance

  • Death & Disgrace Insurance

  • Working from Home Insurance

  • Prize Indemnity & Over-Redemption Insurance

Our team helps rising and established new media stars keeping things simple. We make sure to build an appropriate insurance programme around all their bespoke needs, both commercially and personally.

We are very much seen as their trusted advisor alongside their existing Management, Accountant and Lawyers to ensure appropriate ongoing protection at competitive premiums. We help to look after everything we can so our clients can focus on their business and online niche.

For more information and to speak with one of our dedicated Influencer insurance specialists, please contact us.


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